Deep Carnivale 2010 – September 11-12, 2010 – Mark your calendars now!

Deep Carnivale 2009

10am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday,
Sept. 12-13, 2009
The Performing Arts Building
Hillsborough Community College, Ybor Campus Tampa Florida
Readings by authors and poets, songs sung by songwriters, child-friendly performances, games, activites, food and non-alcoholic beverages
Children and families, teens, adults and tribal elders
Free and open to the public
More Information
Contact Festival Director David Audet at or 813-253-7000 x5179

Rebekah Pulley

Rebekah Pulley
Rebekah Pulley

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About Rebekah

Rebekah began playing the guitar at the age of fifteen and was encouraged by her father Wallace, a full-time country-western musician who played and traveled the country with, among others, early rock-a-billy pioneer Charlie Ryan.

Her mother Joan, a former stripper turned housewife and born-again Christian also came from a musical background. Joan's mother traveled and played the upright bass with Tennessee Ernie Ford and such performers of the day.

It's no wonder most of Rebekah's childhood memories were from inside a Winnebago.

Rebekah quickly took to songwriting as a form of release as well as emotional expression. This proved to be a useful tool in a family of eleven that was constantly on the move.

After Rebekah was born her parents had removed themselves from entertainment that wasn't "of the lord", instead dedicating their lives to a strict religious doctrine. Their new way of life often called for long stays in remote areas as well as long journeys on the road. These strange surroundings and sometimes suffocating effects would reflect on Rebekah's musical styling's for a lifetime to come.

Rebekah's 2001 acoustic recording, "A Brand New Day" was the beginning of a cycle in which many years were spent breaking from the dogma of organized religion. This is perhaps most clear on the CD's second track, "A Friend In Jesus'.

A Brand New Day was self-produced in a friend's home studio and captures a real sense of intimacy between Rebekah, her guitar and the microphone.

In 2004, Rebekah returned to the studio to work on the critically acclaimed "Here In The Real World", blending reflections of heartache, love, self discovery and worldly chaos through both acoustic melodies and full band arrangements. The CD produced a pendulum of stylings swinging from turbulent rock numbers such as "Too Far Gone" to the somberly unwound "Alive".

"Songs of Southern Zen from Pen and Paper to the Electric Den" was released in the spring of 2006 after three years of performing with her band The Reluctant Prophets. The full band experience was successfully preserved and pressed onto disc like a dozen roses compressed through the pages of an epic novel. The twelve tracks contained gritty hooks, jazz inflected vocals and charming harmonies wrapped up in a water tight rhythm section. Zen went on to become a top ten album played on WMNF for both 2006 and 2007.

The Critics Loved "Back to Boogaloo"

Rebekah's latest release "Back to Boogaloo" (Fall 2008) is secured firmly in the roots of Americana while branching out and reaching new heights. Early reviews of the CD were glowing:

"Rebekah leaves her comfort zone, or maybe just finds a new one ... adding touches of gospel soul and classic rock to her tried-and-true alt-country"
Curtis Ross, Tampa Tribune.

Wade Tatangelo of Creative Loafing calls Boogaloo a "beauty and a brilliant folk rock affair ... (her) strongest album to date".


Intelligence Respected

Editor David Warner of Creative Loafing said some kind and encouraging words on page 26 of the August 26, 2009, issue. Partial quote, "At a moment when ignorance is being aggressively defended, Deep Carnivale still respects our intelligence. Imagine that."

A Different Sort of Ybor Celebration

Esther Martinez, in a story at The Florida Book Review" says she knows "Deep Carnivale will be 'A Celebration of Words' and not a Bourbon Street bacchanal."

"But logophile that I am, I reason I'll get drunk on language. With over 70 writers and artists scheduled [for the 2008 Carnivale] to perform or read from their works, my beaded necklaces will be strung with verse. I imagine haiku shooters..."

"It is just before 10am when I arrive at the corner of Palm Avenue and 14th StreetóDeep Carnivale ground zero. About a dozen vendor tables are lined up around the Hillsborough Community College courtyard where a band of teenagers [Next Exit] are setting up their instruments.

"The vendor tables sell books by local writers, HCC publications and baked goods. I grab a Cuban favorite, papa rellena, a potato stuffed with savory ground beef. Belly satisfied, I cross the street and enter the historic Circulo Cubano. A nearly 100 year old neo-classical building of ionic columns and marble staircases, it served as the Cuban Social Club and remains the oldest building of its kind in the country."

Comments From Our Fans

"When I look back over 2008, my visit to the second edition of Deep Carnivale was a highlight. You and your staff did a great job and I loved being part of it, again. I am sure there will be bigger festivals to come. But maybe not better!!!"
Darrell House, children's book author and 2008 Deep Carnivale presenter.