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Exquisite Corpse Printed Book

The Artists and Writers Group asks for your support us as we raise money to create a printed record of the Exquisite Corpse project from the 2009 Deep Carnivale festival.

Using Kickstarter, an online fund-raising site, Artists and Writers Group is asking "founders" to invest in a project to create a glossy, 7" x 7" book containing the words and images from the 2009 creation.

Investors can pledge any amount of money from $2 and up to "kickstart" the project. The project, however, will not be funded unless $1,200 is raised by 11pm EDT Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

The concept of the Exquisite Corpse project is to bring together authors and visual artists to create an organically synthesized art project about Ybor City. Each author wrote one stanza of poetry, based only on seeing the last line of the stanza written before them. Then, additional artists were invited to create panels that correspond to each stanza of the piece. The end result was a striking collaboration and expression on the beauty and mystery of Ybor City.

This third generation of the piece was unveiled last September at Deep Carnivale, Tampa's premiere literature festival, in Ybor City and took the form of a 12 foot (3.7 meters) 'book' made from the artists' panels.

Artists and Writers Group and Deep Carnivale have done much for the cultural landscape of our city, showcasing hundreds of artists, poets, authors, dancers, actors, and troublemakers of all sorts. Each year it brings together hundreds of arts enthusiasts of all types, with a focus on celebrating Tampa Bay area talent and promoting literacy as fun for our younger guests.

Please help us reach our goal of printing a glossy, 7"x7" (30cm x 30cm) printed record of our Exquisite Corpse project. Check out our award offers and find a contribution level that works for you.