Deep Carnivale 2010 – September 10-12, 2010 – Mark your calendars now!

Deep Carnivale 2010

Friday Sept. 10, 2010
10am to 6pm
Saturday Sept. 11, 2010
1pm to 5pm
Sunday Sept. 12, 2010
The Performing Arts Building
Hillsborough Community College, Ybor Campus
Tampa Florida
Readings by authors and poets, songs sung by songwriters, child-friendly performances, games, activites, food and non-alcoholic beverages
Children and families, teens, adults and tribal elders
Free and open to the public
More Information
Contact Festival Director David Audet at or 813-253-7000 x5179

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Eric Carle Will NOT Appear

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle, noted children's author and book illustrator, will NOT appear at Deep Carnivale this year. An earlier post on this website erroneously indicated Carle would be reading from his books.

However, some equally entertaining and free activities for children, sponsored by Children’s Future Hillsborough are planned based on Carle's books, including "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "The Grouchy Ladybug".

The activities will begin at 10am Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010, and continue until 3pm in the Rehearsal Hall at the Hillsborough Community College Performing Arts Building on the HCC Ybor City campus.

Exquisite Corpse Printed Book

The Artists and Writers Group asks for your support us as we raise money to create a printed record of the Exquisite Corpse project from the 2009 Deep Carnivale festival.

Using Kickstarter, an online fund-raising site, Artists and Writers Group is asking "founders" to invest in a project to create a glossy, 7" x 7" book containing the words and images from the 2009 creation.

Investors can pledge any amount of money from $2 and up to "kickstart" the project. The project, however, will not be funded unless $1,200 is raised by 11pm EDT Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

Deep Carnivale Poster

2010 Deep Carnivale Poster - Designed by Kelly Young

Dali Museum

Dali Museum childrens' activities

Children can "stashe each other (and their parents if said parents are not watchful) during childrens' activities Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010, sponsored by the Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg, Florida, museum dedicated to the eccentric painter. For more information about stache potential, visit the Dali Museum website.

About Deep Carnivale

Organized by the Artists and Writers Group, Inc., in partnership with Hillsborough Community College-Ybor City Campus, the 2009 festival was the third year of a celebration of writing and reading that brings artists representing a diverse range of writing styles, ages, experience, and cultural backgrounds together to share their love of literature and related art forms with the Tampa Bay community.

Deep Carnivale presents art and activities for all ages, from the playful to the avant garde. Children's Future Hillsborough will provide activities for children ages 4-12, with a wide array of supervised literacy, reading and arts activities.

In addition to readings and art installations, numerous book and publishing house vendors, authors signing tables, writers associations and related organizations, refreshments and live music will add ambience to festival.

What people had to say about last year's Deep Carnivale: A Celebration of Words:

"At a moment when ignorance is being aggressively defended, Deep Carnivale still respects our intelligence. Imagine that." (David Warner - Editor, Creative Loafing, 2009)
"[A]n impressive event… a gift that hopefully will continue to grow." (Steve Otto, Tampa Tribune, 2008)
"If you love literature, there's no better place to be on Saturday than Ybor City." (Colette Bancroft, St. Pete Times, 2008)

The Artists and Writers Group, Inc.

Recently reorganized from its previous incarnation in the 1970's-80's, when it was known for unique events, including the famed and notorious Artists and Writers balls in Ybor City, the Group is now devoted to creating partnerships with interested organizations to provide stimulating opportunities for the community to express and share its creativity. The partners and sponsors are dedicated to supporting the Tampa Bay area cultural community with events such as Deep Carnivale: Celebration of Words, Homemade Music Symposium, and the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image.

This event is organized with seed funds from the Ybor City Development Corporation and is presented in partnership with Hillsborough Community College-Ybor City Campus and Children's Future Hillsborough.

If you are interested in being one of our featured artists, authors, vendors, or sponsors, or for general inquiries please contact David Audet, or call 813-253-7000 x5179 at the Hillsborough Community College-Ybor City Campus, 2112 N. 15th Street, Tampa, Florida 33675.

Exquisite Corpse

A crowd favorite of each Deep Carnivale festival is the Exquisite Corpse, a work of writing that is produced serially by participants, each creating a segment based on the last words of the previous poet's work.

Here are the poets producing the 2010 Exquisite Corpse: Diana Ferguson, Melissa Fair, Adrienne Nadeau, Linda Alexander, David Durney, John Meats, Enid Shomer, Summer Rodman, Doreen Horn, Kim Buchheit, Silvia Curbelo, David Audet.

Deep Carnivale Flyer


You too can have your very own personal copy of the 2010 Deep Carnivale Full Color One-Page Flyer. But wait, there's more! It's available in Spanish, as well as English!

The Deep Carnivale staff thanks the ever versatile Peggy Conde for the Spanish translation. Click to download the Spanish or the English version. Likes Pacheco Book


"Lots of color and raucous humor," is how reviewer Craig Pittman of the St. Petersburg Times describes "Tales From the 5th Street Gym, a newly published book by Deep Carnivale featured presenter Ferdie Pacheco.

Pacheco, born and reared in Ybor City, the historic district of Tampa, Florida, will talk about his book (and whatever else the irrepressible story teller wants to talk about) at 10am Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010, on the Mainstage in the HCC Performing Arts Building.

You can read more of Pittman's review at

Another Mention

Kim Buchheit Artwork

Colette Bancroft, the St. Petersburg Times' book editor, penned a great preview of the Deep Carnivale festival at "Deep Carnivale celebrates words".

"The family-friendly festival offers plenty of performances, games and activities for children all day Saturday", Bancroft wrote. "As a special treat for kids, the Children's Future Hillsborough program will present author and illustrator Eric Carle reading from a selection of his books, including "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

Intelligence Respected

Editor David Warner of Creative Loafing said some kind and encouraging words on page 26 of the August 26, 2009, issue. Partial quote, "At a moment when ignorance is being aggressively defended, Deep Carnivale still respects our intelligence. Imagine that."

A Different Sort of Ybor Celebration

Esther Martinez, in a story at The Florida Book Review" says she knows "Deep Carnivale will be 'A Celebration of Words' and not a Bourbon Street bacchanal."

"But logophile that I am, I reason I'll get drunk on language. With over 70 writers and artists scheduled [for the 2008 Carnivale] to perform or read from their works, my beaded necklaces will be strung with verse. I imagine haiku shooters..."

"It is just before 10am when I arrive at the corner of Palm Avenue and 14th Street—Deep Carnivale ground zero. About a dozen vendor tables are lined up around the Hillsborough Community College courtyard where a band of teenagers [Next Exit] are setting up their instruments.

"The vendor tables sell books by local writers, HCC publications and baked goods. I grab a Cuban favorite, papa rellena, a potato stuffed with savory ground beef. Belly satisfied, I cross the street and enter the historic Circulo Cubano. A nearly 100 year old neo-classical building of ionic columns and marble staircases, it served as the Cuban Social Club and remains the oldest building of its kind in the country."

Comments From Our Fans

"When I look back over 2008, my visit to the second edition of Deep Carnivale was a highlight. You and your staff did a great job and I loved being part of it, again. I am sure there will be bigger festivals to come. But maybe not better!!!"
Darrell House, children's book author and 2008 Deep Carnivale presenter.